FPT to host largest technology event to mark its 30-year anniversary

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Tech giant FPT will host the largest technology event to mark its 30th anniversary, with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) as the master of ceremony, and bring guests on a journey to a virtual reality space station.



FPT CEO Bui Quang Ngoc discusses the establishment of his company 30 years ago. (Photo: NDO/Khanh Bang) 

The information was released at a press brief in Hanoi on September 6 to announce the FPT Techday event, to be held on September 12 at the JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi, to mark its 30 years of development.
Le Hong Viet, FPT's Chief Technology Officer, said that at the upcoming event, FPT will bring the latest technologies, such as virtual reality, AI and big data to customers, helping them to not only watch and listen but also experience it live.
At the event, FPT will use its virtual assistant for the first time to run the programme. The event will tell FPT’s story of the past, present and future with technology and music, Viet added.
The event is expected to attract more than 2,000 participants from the ministries, agencies and sectors concerned, along with nearly 100 strategic partners and customers of FPT and leaders from the world's leading tech companies, such as Amazon Web Services, Siemens and NDIVIA.
The guests will join FPT on the journey to look back on the 30 years of pioneering by FPT and look forward to the future in affirming Vietnam's position in the fourth Industrial Revolution (4.0) through the narrative by FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh and CEO Bui Quang Ngoc.
They will discuss new technology achievements in the 4.0, experience the first virtual reality space station in Vietnam, and enjoy smart 4.0 services, such as intelligent healthcare, transportation, e-government and interactive television, as well as FPT’s latest technological ecosystem.
CEO Ngoc said that, for the past 30 years, FPT has been pioneering in IT, internet, software export, education, research and development of new technologies. In the next 10 years, FPT wants to be a pioneer in digital technology, Ngoc stated, adding that AI is also a part of the process.
The FPT's leader also emphasised that FPT will pioneer the application of digital technology in the Vietnamese economy and to its customers around the globe.