MobiFone gets the edge by teaming up with global technology giants

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MobiFone’s newfound cooperation with international technology companies is enhancing its influence in the Vietnamese market and may also benefit the company’s upcoming initial public offering (IPO).


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Of all the network providers in Vietnam, MobiFone pioneered cooperating with large-scale international technology companies, with the aim of inducing new products and services for Vietnamese customers.
Recently, MobiFone has teamed up with Google to introduce a new payment service in Google Play on MobiFone accounts. Accordingly, MobiFone subscribers will be able to easily purchase applications, games, and other content in Google Play without using credit cards. The cost of these purchases will be directly deducted from the customers’ mobile phone accounts.
In May 2017, MobiFone entered into a cooperation with a number of individuals and organisations to invite Dr Timothy Chou, an Internet of Things (IoT) expert to talk to a Vietnamese audience about IoT commercial solutions, future business chances, help companies make business development plans and discover chances for global connection, as well as set up plans on investment and production of IoT products based on each company’s specific strengths.
Besides Apple, MobiFone also cooperates with Facebook and Google. On May 25, 2017, MobiFone teamed up with Facebook to introduce the service of Free Basics and Facebook Flex, so that MobiFone subscribers can use Facebook without consuming their data plans.
Enhancing customer experience
MobiFone’s cooperation with Facebook is like a present for subscribers, while the relationship with Google is more meaningful and realistic. With the Google partnership, payments are easier for MobiFone subscribers and increase liquidity for game and app producers.
Nguyen Thanh Binh, general director of TBT Technology Company, said that this cooperation is a big step forward. Previously, Vietnamese customers who wanted to download applications or games in Google Play Store had to have a VISA credit card or MasterCard. This was a big barrier between suppliers and users, as not everyone has one of these cards. Mobifone account holders’ ease in downloading applications and games thereby increases the liquidity for start-ups in Vietnam.
“A good thing of purchasing applications and games in Google Play through a MobiFone account is that it increases safety in the Internet environment, because customers do not have to provide a wide range of personal and banking information when making transactions,” Tran Cao Hung, a MobiFone subscriber said.
By teaming up with Google, MobiFone not only allows customers more access to Google Play, an abundant source of applications, it also promotes start-ups to create new applications, which will raise their revenue. All of these will contribute to creating a transparent and modern technology environment.
In addition, this movement can be considered one of MobiFone’s wiser strategies because teaming up with famous brands in the world may give them a competitive edge. This is an advantage for MobiFone’s customers, and it will help raise the company’s brand value, especially after its nearing IPO.