Hà Nội turns page toward a new book street

(Mic.gov.vn) - 

Capital authorities have approved a plan to set up a fixed book street on December 19 Street, which links Hai Bà Trưng and Lý Thường Kiệt Street in downtown Hà Nội.


The city’s leaders have asked concerned agencies spread information about the venue, control the origins and contents of the books available at the street as well as invite publishers and book stores to set up stalls the street.
The book street will gather up to 20 stalls  and remain open between 8am and 10pm. The area will offer book cafes, reading spaces, book talks and exchanges between authors and audiences. It will also contain public toilets.
The street is planned to open on December 19 this year.
Depending on the actual operation of the fixed book street, another mobile book street will be organized at the weekend pedestrian zone near Lý Thái Tổ Park next to Hoàn Kiếm Lake.
"If the new book street hosts exchanges with authors, it will be more interesting," said student Phạm Hoàng Tuấn Minh, "Students like me always search for new books in Đinh Lễ Street, which only sell books. We just simply buy books and go. There is nothing more to entertain."
According to examination by Hà Nội’s Transport Department, there is not a busy traffic on December 19 Street. The street at the moment is mainly used for parking service, and it is among most convenient places to open a fixed book street.
Nguyễn Nam Phong, an official from Kim Đồng Publishing House, supports the move.
"HCM City has opened the book street since earlier this year and the books have been sold well there," he said, " After six months, as many as 200,000 copies of books by our pubishing house were sold there. The sale at book fairs is also very good. A fixed book street will host more activities to encourage reading."
Nguyễn Minh Khánh, Deputy Director of Hà Nội’s Information and Communications Department, said the department has planned a clear map for the street.
"December 19 Street is the most suitable street, as it both offer enough space and does not affect surrounding residents’ life. Book stalls will be built based on existing scenery," he said, "More big trees will be grown on the border line running in the middle of the street. More benches will be placed to offer sitting places in open green space for people."