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Thứ tư, ngày 04/10/2023

Department of Information Technology

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The Department of Information Technology is a ministerial unit which performs the advisory and regulatory functions over the IT industry, including: electronic- hardware industry, software industry and digital content industry; IT services; centralized IT zones.
The Department of Information Technology has its tasks and powers according to Decision 959/QD-BTTTT dated 12 June 2015 of the Minister of Information and Communications prescribing the functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of the Department of Information Technology.
Address: 18 Nguyen Du St., Ha Noi
Tel: 84.24.39437309; 
Fax: 84.24.39436927
Deputy Director General:
Ms. To Thi Thu Huong
Tel: 84.24.39437311
Mr.  Nguyen Thanh Tuyen
Tel: 84.24.39454381

Lượt truy cập: 17523