Millions of farmers learn how to sell their products via e-commerce

According to a plan of the Ministry of Information and Communications, all agricultural production households operating on e-commerce will be trained in digital and business skills on e-commerce platforms.


 The Ministry of Information and Communications has approved a plan to support agricultural production households on e-commerce floors to promote the development of the agricultural and rural digital economy in 2022.

The plan has set many goals: 100% of agricultural production households will meet the criteria to operate on of the Vietnam Post Corporation and of Viettel Post JS Corporation; all products of the One Commune, One Product program that meet the 3-star criteria of the provinces and centrally-run cities will be traded on e-commerce floors; and all agricultural production households on the e-commerce floor will be trained in digital and business skills on the e-commerce floor.

The Ministry will help agricultural production households promote the consumption of agricultural products on e-commerce; advertise products, and expand in domestic and international markets; and select raw materials and tools for agricultural production from reputable brands, and set reasonable prices to supply to agricultural production households on e-commerce.

Agricultural production households will be provided with useful information such as agricultural product markets, demand forecasts and agricultural production capacity, weather information, crops, fertilizers… through e-commerce and digital platforms.

To realize these goals, the Ministry of Information and Communications said close and effective coordination is needed among relevant ministries and agencies, such as the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, local departments and e-commerce floors in guiding and supporting agricultural production households, individual business households, cooperatives, and small traders.

On July 21, 2021, the Ministry of Information and Communications issued Decision No. 1034 approving a plan to support agricultural production households on e-commerce floors, and promote the digital economy in agriculture and rural areas.

After more than four months implementing Decision No. 1034, more than 4 million agricultural production households have joined e-commerce floors, more than 49,000 agricultural products have been put on e-commerce floors, and over 67,500 transactions made on the exchanges.

By February 2022, there were more than 5.2 million agricultural production households trading their products on e-commerce floors. Over 5.7 million agricultural production households were trained in digital skills, and more than 65,000 products were posted on the e-commerce floor with nearly 79,000 transactions processed.

Nguồn: VNN