Over 1,000 organizations in Vietnam capable of supporting startups

Vietnam currently has over 1,000 organizations capable of supporting startups, including technology startups, with 202 coworking zones, 79 business incubators and 38 business promotion organizations.


The information was revealed by Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung at a recent seminar named "Cloud Native - An indispensable trend for Startups".

Tung said that in recent years, innovative start-ups in Vietnam have experienced exciting developments. The strong socio-economic development in Vietnam in the context of the fourth industrial revolution has strongly spread the spirit of start-ups and innovation in all fields.

The Vietnamese government has issued many policies to create an ecosystem for innovative startups. The Government's strong promotion of the National Digital Transformation Program is a good opportunity for technology startups, especially digital technology, in Vietnam.

The number of venture capital funds that consider Vietnam as a target market or have operations in Vietnam is currently 210.

“These numbers have continuously increased over the years, demonstrating the active participation of the ecosystem. I think that Vietnam's innovative start-ups will rise to be the leading startup hub of Asia," said Tung.

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, digital transformation plays an important role in socio-economic stability and development. “Although this is a difficult time, I believe this is also an opportunity for businesses, especially startups, to invest in technology to transform their businesses and serve and develop the community,” he added.

As an activity within the framework of TECHFEST 2021 and the Vietnam Digital Transformation Forum - Vietnam DX Summit 2021, at the seminar "Cloud Native - The inevitable trend for startups", experts provided useful information about Cloud Native, one of the important platforms contributing to the digital transformation of businesses and organizations.

Experts all agreed that the Cloud has many advantages such as saving on infrastructure costs, enhancing the ability to expand scale quickly, and the ability to access the global market. It is also one of the important platforms to ensure the success of technology startups.

For Cloud Native, this is the process of building services and applications that take advantage of benefits of cloud computing. The Cloud Native market is estimated to be valued at US$1,880 million by 2023 with an annual growth rate of 22.4%.

Experts say that Cloud Native application is no longer a technology concept but will become a trend in Vietnam and around the world to help businesses serve customers better. Cloud Native services are at the core of digital innovation and are key to advanced data analytics, mobile apps and chatbots.

Nguồn: VNN