Vietnam introduces anti-fake news website

The Ministry of Information and Communications has organized an inauguration ceremony for a website that will receive complaints against and publicize fake news.


Besides, a hotline 18008108, which will receive complaints about fake news, was also introduced at the ceremony.

Luu Dinh Phuc, head of the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information, said that the anti-fake news website functions as a portal for receiving complaints about fake news and verifying them and as an official portal publicizing fake news by labeling it as fake news, misinformation or disinformation.
When individuals or organizations call on 18008108 to complain about fake news, the Vietel switchboard will give guidelines to the callers.
The launch of the website is aimed at warning residents against sharing fake news or disinformation on social media.
The website features four main columns—receiving complaints, publicizing fake news, listing fake news and news.
Also, the launch of the anti-fake news website is expected to contribute to spreading the truth, said Phuc.
Nguồn: SGT