Network operators rush to slash 3G, 4G fees

Mobile network operators, one after another, have increased the capacity of data packages by five to six times, while keeping the service fee unchanged.


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Network operators rush to slash 3G fees

Viettel pioneered the movement when it announced adjustments with its service packages in May. The maximum capacity of data packages have increased by five times. With the fee of VND70,000-200,000, subscribers can use 3-15GB data packages. 
VinaPhone also raised the capacity of its MAX packages (VND70,000-200,000) by six times, from 600 MB to 3.8 GB. Later, MobiFone stated that from July 1, the capacity of basic 3G and 4G Mobile Internet packages will be raised by six times.
As such, all three biggest mobile network operators have accepted service fee just equal to one-fifth and one-sixth of what it used to be.
Not only slashing fees of basic service packages, the network operators have also launched preferential service packages for the World Cup 2018 season. Users just have to pay VND9,000-20,000 a day to have 4-5GB high-speed data and use data for free when watching online TV.
The package of data roaming to Russia costs from VND99,000, with which users have 500 MB of high-speed data. 
Vietnammobile, a small network operator, also joined the race when doubling 3G package’s capacity, applied to pre-paid subscribers. 
Earlier this year, the network operator stunned the public when launching Thanh SIM, the networking kit. For VND40,000 only, users have 4GB of high-speed 3G date every day, or 120 GB for 30 days, which is far cheaper than the current fee charged by large network operators.
The fee adjustments have been made not only for domestic data, but also for roaming services. Service providers announced a drastic decrease of 95-99 percent in service fee.
A senior executive of Viettel said lowering the fee is inevitable in the context of the decline in traditional telecommunication modes such as voice calls and text massages. People have got used to new telcommunication modes via internet, including OTT and social networks.
Meanwhile, an analyst commented that mobile network operators are rushing to slash 3G and 4G service fee because of the new policies. 
MIC has decided that telcos, when running sale promotion campaigns, must not offer pre-paid subscribers more than 20 percent of the value of the cards. 
In addition, mobile network operators also have to stop payment via scratch cards for non-telecommunication services. The policies have led to a sharp fall in telcos’ revenue in the last two months.
Therefore, offering additional data to scratch card buyers is an important instrument for telcos to attract more users. Large network operators all have perfect infrastructure 4G and they can fully exploit the resource.
Nguồn: Vietnamnet