VNPT launches OTT application

VNPT VinaPhone Corporation launched its Over-The-Top (OTT) application Karo for businesses and individuals this week.


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The OTT was built based on three targets: focusing on enterprises and organizations, bringing customers a safe effective social business network and ensuring privacy for individuals and data for enterprises and cost savings.
With the launch of the application, VNPT expects Karo will receive a positive reaction from the business community by providing a multi-platform communication and enterprise management tool, with added value, cost savings and data security.
Pham Anh Tuan, deputy general director of VinaPhone, said that with the message of “Easy communication - Maximum security," the firm expects Karo will help users overcome distance barriers to connect and together create success.
The application is currently available on Google Play and Apple Store, customers are offered VND10,000 to their main account and 300 minutes calling from Karo to VinaPhone subscribers per month for three months.
Nguồn: VNS