Guaranteeing cyber safety and security

The 4th industrial revolution with the rapid advancement of the cyber network and digital technology has brought great changes.

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Along with tremendous benefits, countries now have cyber war, cyber spying, cyber attacks, cyber criminals, and many other complex new issues. 
Vietnam, said to be among the 5 countries most at risk for cyber attacks, is taking steps to protect itself.
For several years now, political subversives and cyber criminals have stepped up network attacks to collect State secrets and other information or to hijack or sabotage the information network. 
Subversives have leveraged the Internet, especially social networking sites, using sophisticated methods and tricks to create internal dissension, harm national interests and undermine national security.
Ngo Tuan Anh, BKAV Vice Chairman in charge of Cyber Security, said, “There are a growing number of cyber criminals, social network members, online services, and virtual societies. Bad people have steadily increased their malicious and harmful penetration. Not only Vietnam, but all countries have to face such threats.”
To ensure cyber safety and security, agencies have adopted new IT regulations and policies in areas affecting national defense, security, and sovereignty. 
Vietnam intends to manage of telecommunications services, the Internet, and technological infrastructure to ensure safety and security. 
Laws, Party guidelines, and State policies on cyber safety and security are being been fine-tuned. Vietnam has cooperated with other countries to update its technology.
Nguyen Trong Duong, Director of the Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team, said, “We can consult laws and regulations of other counties to comprehend our legal environment. We’ll learn from them how to cope with cyber incidents and the role of the state and organizations in ensuring cyber security.”
The Ministry of Information and Communications is creating a plan to develop national cyber safety products and services, which will be submitted to the government in October.


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