Deputy Minister Phan Tam met the delegation of the National Trade Union of Singapore

On July 20, at the headquarters of MIC, Deputy Minister Phan Tam had a meeting with the delegation of the Singapore National Trade Union led by Mrs. Mary Liew, President of Singapore Trade Union, General Secretary of Singapore Maritime Trade Union.


At the meeting, Deputy Minister Phan Tam welcomed the delegation of the National Trade Union of Singapore with more than 30 members visit and work with the Ministry of Information and Communications.
Deputy Minister Phan Tam briefed about the situation of ICT development in Vietnam in recent years as well as introduced the IT policy framework that MIC was developing to promote the 4th industry revolution, support Vietnamese ICT companies as well as foreign FDI enterprises, etc.
The representatives of Vietnam Information and Communications Trade Union shared experiences in encouraging employees to continuously improve their knowledge, to keep up with the demands of the jobs, especially in today's Internet era.
The Singapore Trade Union representatives exchanged experiences on coordinating with training institutions to enhance the labours skills in the context of rapid growth in ICT; measures to help elder workers improve their abilities to adapt to changing working environments, etc.