Number of Vietnam's domain name ".vn" triples over past six years

A total of 70,900 new domain names ending in ".vn" were registered in the first six months of this year, bringing the total ".vn" registrations to 408,382, three times more than six years ago.


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According to the VNNIC, in the first period of its development from 2000 to 2005, the growth rate of ".vn" national domain names in Vietnam faced a number of obstacles due to competition from international domains, which had already gained popularity among customers.
Since then, a number of policies and measures have been taken to promote the usage of the ".vn" domain name, helping to boost the increase in registrations for this domain.
Statistics have shown that the annual growth rate of domain names ending in ".vn" has been maintained at over 10% during the past four years.
It has also shown that the number of websites using the “.vn” domain name accounts for 50% of all websites. Almost 100% of the universities in Vietnam use the national domain name “.vn” for their official websites.
At the same time, the gap between the usage of “.vn” and the use of international domain names has been narrowed. Notably, the domain name has had the largest number of registrations among the ASEAN countries and is among the top 10 in the Asian region since 2011.



Nguồn: Nhan Dan