Vietnam Book Award winners honoured

Nineteen winners of the annual Vietnam Books Awards were announced at a ceremony at Vietnam National Library in Hanoi on December 28.


The good book awards were presented to 47 works, including four gold, ten silver, 17 bronze and 16 consolation prizes. Meanwhile beauty book awards were presented to 43 works, including four silver, eight silver, 13 bronze and 15 consolation prizes, as well as three beautiful book covers.
The gold prizes went to ‘Duoc Thu Quoc Gia Viet Nam’ (Vietnamese National Drug Formulary), ‘Vu Hanh tuyen tap’ (Vu Hanh Collection), ‘Performing rituals – Cultural heritage of Muong ethnic’, and Vu Hung’s book for children.
This year’s award attracted 40 publishing houses and 486 books.
Prizes were given to the best original Vietnamese literary works or translations to Vietnamese from other languages in different categories, such as education, research, economics, management, literature, children's books and new discoveries.
The Vietnam Book Awards were initiated to spread the value of good books, encourage the creation of high-quality Vietnamese literature and cultivate a reading habit in society.
Nguồn: NDO