Vietnam win first prize of the contest designing International Reply Coupon

Beating 10 strong entrants from many countries in the world, the IRC designed by Nguyen Du, the artist from Vietnam Post impressed the jury.


The UPU has announced the artist from Vietnam who win the first prize of the contest designing a new International Reply Coupon (IRC).
The UPU announced the winner on October 06, in Istalbul (Turkey), within the framework of the 26th Universal Postal Congress.
Beating a strong 10 entrants from many countries in the world, the IRC designed by Nguyen Du, the artist from Vietnam Post impressed the jury, comprising delegation heads from all member countries at the UPU Congress in Istanbul, Turkey.

The UPU introduces a new IRC design at the beginning of each four-year work cycle. The current IRC, known as the Doha model, will lose its trade value at the end of 2017. The new IRC will be introduced on 1 July 2017.

IRC are exchangeable in all member countries for the minimum postage of a priority item or an unregistered airmail letter sent to a foreign country. The UPU's International Bureau processes several million coupons each year and deals with of all accounting aspects. The International Bureau does not sell IRCs directly to customers; they must buy them from their local post office. Although Posts are not obliged to sell IRCs, it is mandatory for Posts to exchange the coupons. If a Post does not sell IRCs, it is possible to purchase them in a post office located in a neighbouring country.
Based on the theme of the contest “Post and Sustainable development”, Nguyen Du took images of a dove sending mail and human hands, frozen from North Pole to show off the Post’s sustainable development in society. The image of yellow postal stamp highlighted on IRC’s light blue background also presents good and bright things of the Post’s future. The image of circle waves are pervasive and interfered with each other meaning that good action of every one multiplied and transmited everywhere in the world.  
“Human kind is always main subject in life. Human creats life. The society can develops sustainably, human can live in peace, integrate in nature and environment around or not decied by human”, said Nguyen Du.
In the contest organized locally, Nguyen Du has received the national first prize and selected to final round of the contest internationally.