VinaPhone-S to expand mobile network coverage across VN

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc on August 4 pressed the button to launch the mobile satellite service named VinaPhone-S, which will help to expand the mobile network coverage across Viet Nam’s territory and waters. Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh Tuan also attended the event.


VinaPhone-S is a mobile satellite service of VinaPhone, one of Viet Nam’s largest mobile operators, with its coverage area accounting for two thirds of the world and 100% of Viet Nam’s airspace, waters, borders and islands.

Only by using the mobile satellite equipment and a postpaid VinaPhone SIM card, which has been registered for the VinaPhone-S service, customers will be able to perform the voice, message, SMS and global positioning system (GPS) services anywhere with smooth communication ensured regardless of space, distance, infrastructure and weather.
The newly-launched service will help reduce the cost of cross-country communications by half compared to the current satellite phone services.
PM Phuc praised the Viet Nam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) for launching the VinaPhone-S service, which, he said, reflected the group’s strict implementation of social responsibilities in addition to its business tasks.
VinaPhone-S is of enormous political and social significance, particularly in helping Viet Nam’s authorised agencies to quickly update information at sea, thus providing better support for fishermen, contributing to safeguarding the country’s territorial sovereignty, the government leader said.
He added that the service also facilitates business and production activities of the enterprises operating in remote and isolated areas, thereby contributing to boosting socio-economic development in disadvantaged areas and enabling the all-level authorities to keep contact with local people in cases of emergency relating to natural calamities.
PM Phuc expressed his wish that VNPT would make greater efforts to develop useful telecommunication and information technology services, meeting the requirements of the society and contributing more to the cause of national development.
Nguồn: VGP