The 7th Bilateral Meeting on Cross-Border Frequency Coordination between Vietnam - Cambodia

From July, 06 th to 08 th , 2016, the 7 th Bilateral Meeting on Frequency Management and Cross-Border Frequency Coordination between Vietnam and Cambodia was held in Ho Chi Minh City. Director of Authority of Radio Frequency Management of Vietnam Doan Quang Hoan and Chairman of Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia Moa Chakrya co-chaired the meeting.


At the meeting, the two sides discussed issues of bilateral cooperation such as bands for broadband systems, deployment of digital TV, frequency control activities and development of satellite services. The two sides agreed to continue to strengthen international cooperation, training and sharing of experiences on frequency management; to organize meetings on cross-border frequency coordination and satellite coordination; to exchange  views on the agenda of 2019 World Radiocommunication Conference and to promote cooperation between TV, mobile operators in order to improve spectrum efficiency.

Basically, the two sides’ operators are trying to deploy 2G and 3G mobile networks under the agreement between the two countries. For the cross-border frequency coordination for the television network, the two sides have focused on coordination in the 470-806 MHz  range. Accordingly, the two sides agreed from now until 2018 will not issue licenses to new broadcasters in the 694-806 MHz range, and will inform each other about plans to reuse spectrum for mobile communication (IMT). After 2018, the television stations in the 694-806 MHz band range have to reduce power to avoid interferences to IMT systems of Vietnam and Cambodia. For the 470-694 MHz range, the two sides agreed to: establish a group of technical experts of the two countries; regularly exchange information about the digital television transition process as well as new broadcast licenses granted in border areas; coordinate to settle interferences; coordinate to research possibilities for TV stations in the 470-694 MHz range suitable with digitalization roadmaps of the two countries, etc.