Party Congress press center launched

The launching ceremony of a press center of the 12th National Party Congress and a press conference were held on January 18 in Ha Hoi.


The events drew the attendance of Head of the Party Central Committee"s Commission for Education and Popularisation Dinh The Huynh; Head of the Party Central Committee"s Commission for External Relations Hoang Binh Quan; Chairman of the Viet Nam Journalists" Association Thuan Huu; Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh Tuan, etc.

Waiting for important documents
According to Mr. Huynh, the upcoming Party Congress will review the implementation of the 11th Party Congress Resolution and 30 years of the renewal and define orientations, goals and solutions for national development in the next five years.
The event upholds the theme “Build a transparent, strong Party; promote national strength and socialist democracy; comprehensively and systematically accelerate national reform, ensure national defense and a peaceful and stable environment; build a foundation for Viet Nam to become a basically modern industrial nation”.
The Party Congress will discuss and adopt important documents, including a political report of the Party Central Committee (11th tenure); a report on the implementation of the five-year socio-economic development norms (2011-2015) and orientations and tasks for socio-economic development in the 2016-2020 period; a report on the leadership of the 11th Party Central Committee; a report on the implementation of the Party regulations in the 11th tenure and supplement (if any); and a report on the implementation of the Resolution of the 4th Plenum of the Party Central Committee (11th tenure).  
The Central Committee of the 12th tenure will be elected.
According to Mr. Huynh, 1,510 deputies representing for over 4.5 million Party members will attend the 12th Party Congress. The participants included 197 Central Committee and alternate members (12.05%); 1,300 delegates from local levels (86.09%); and 13 nominated delegates (0.86%).
The Communist Party of Viet Nam already sent letters on the organization of the Party Congress to political parties, organizations, and international friends and invited diplomatic corps and representatives of international organizations to attend the opening and closing sessions.
Facilitating press operation
At the launching ceremony of the press center, Deputy Head of the Central Propagation Department Nguyen The Ky announced that the press contre has a total area of over 1,000m2, equipped with 170 computers.
So far, around 600 domestic reporters and technicians and 118 foreign correspondents from 20 press agencies have registered to cover the event.
Press agencies and reporters will be given free images and sound./.  
Nguồn: VGP