VNNIC publishes the Report on Vietnam Internet Resources 2015

On the occasion of “Internet Day 2015” on 19th November, 2015, Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) officially announced the publication of the Report on Vietnam Internet Resources 2015. The report provided the Internet community with information and data analysis about the growth, development and characteristics of Internet resources and other information about the network infrastructure, which brought about an overview on the general Internet development in Vietnam.


At the 2015 edition, readers will see the steady growth and sustainability of the Vietnam Internet. Some highlights of the Report as follows:

.vn ccTLD continued to rank the 1st  in the ASEAN region and 7th in the Asia region in terms of the highest number of ccTLD registrations. 
With the number of IPv4 addresses is 15,758,080, Vietnam hold the 2nd place in Southeast Asia, 8th in Asia and ranks 28th among countries having the highest number of IPv6 addresses in the world.
As for the infrastructure, safety and security information: Report on Vietnam Internet Resources 2015 also analyzes the information on Vietnam National Internet eXchange (VNIX) – the critical infrastructure supports the Internet development in Vietnam with the number of connected enterprises constantly increasing, the number of ports and traffic through VNIX also rising sharply.
Regarding the international cooperation: 2015 was the year Vietnam has successfully cooperated with international organizations such as Network Information Center Japan (JPNIC), Centre Network news Asia - Pacific (APNIC), Internet and Security Agency Network of Korea (KISA), etc.
The Report on Vietnam Internet Resources 2015 contents many statistics with important events in the development of Internet resources in Vietnam in 2015, in the process of integration of Vietnam’s technology and applications of Internet resources with the whole world.
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