Workshop on "Efficient use of the frequency spectrum and satellite orbit"

On September, 29th, 2015, in Da Nang, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Authority of Radio Frequency Management (Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam) jointly organized the workshop on “Efficient use of the frequency spectrum and satellite orbit". The workshop attracted the participation of many representatives, experts from ITU, Vietnam and leading regional and international satellite companies such as: SSII, SES, Asiasat, ABS, O3b, Eutelsat, Viasat,....


The workshop took place ahead of World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15), aimed to create opportunities for world"s leading experts, authorities, operators meet and share their latest plans in developing satellite networks; discuss proposals to WRC-15 on measures to enhance the accessibility, efficient use of frequency and satellite orbit; rights and obligations of concerned countries in adopting a legal framework prescribed by the Radio Regulations, etc. 

At the opening speech, Director General of Authority of Radio Frequency Management Doan Quang Hoan shared: The radiocommunication was playing an important role in all areas of our society. The variety of offered contents through the radiocommunication service brought to users a lot of progress. Although the wireless networks had a wide coverage, but the satellite communication still played an important role in bringing many valuable radiocommunication services. The radiocommunication had the ability to provide services to remoted areas, islands on a large scale which the terrestrial networks could not reach. 

The radio frequency and satellite orbit resources are limited, while all countries are willing to access and use this resource. The international legal procedures and registers are very difficult. Today, the spectrum and satellite orbits are very narrow, congested. The collaboration between the satellite networks to avoid interference is becoming very costly. Many countries can not access and use the spectrum and orbit because they do not complete the coordination with other countries. The difficulties of the Radio Regulations shall be identified and modified to facilitate the effective implementation of countries. 

These issues were focused at the workshop: Opportunities for new countries access to satellite orbit resources and efforts to strengthen the current capacity in the satellite industry; Practical experiences in applying advanced technologies; The agenda on efficient use of spectrum and satellite orbit at WRC-15/WRC-19; etc. The information and experiences shared by experts at the workshop helped the authorities find a full overview of technological trends and regulations in order to establish appropriate strategies for access to the spectrum satellite orbits and effective use of radio frequencies. 

Following this workshop, also in Danang City, International Satellite Symposium 2015 will be held on September, 30th and October, 01st, 2015.

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