IT growth based on six pillars

The draft of the national programme on developing information technology by 2020 has clarified six pillars, said the Ministry of Information and Communication"s Information Technology Department at a conference in Hanoi on May 31


The pillars included policy environment, IT human resources, enterprises and brand name development, products and markets, attracting investment into IT zones and developing open sources (that promotes free redistribution and access to an end product"s design and implementation details).

The total State budget support for the programme would be 2.34 trillion VND (111 million USD).

Digital content, hardware-electrics and IT services would be among projects to get preferential credit.

In addition, Vietnam will research and revise tax policies and establish IT human resource development funds and an IT development fund.

The Government will support short-term training courses for businesses and organisations and partly fund the cost of sitting exams for international IT certificates.

To develop IT enterprises, the Government would provide part of investment to build and apply standards, as well as supporting them to businesses foreign prestigious trade marks.


The ministry said Vietnam will give priority to key IT products and services, establishing a revising board with representatives from various relevant ministries and the Vietnam Development Bank to revise production plans and key IT products and services proposed by businesses.

It will also focus on developing specific IT products in State administrative management, banking, finance, national defence and transport areas as well as providing orientation for other services, including software for telecommunication equipment, digital content for mobile phones, internet television and social networks.

Nguồn: Source: VietnamPlus