Strictly prohibited to use content, image, vignette, color of Vietnam and foreign currency for votive paper printing

It is one of the contents in Circular No. 22/2010/TT- BTTTT issued by Ministry of Information and Communications on 6 October, 2010. Votive papers which are printed with image of money can cause confusion in money collection and exchange, create a bad impression about the image of Vietnam and foreign currency. Besides, size of votive paper products must be smaller or larger than Vietnam and foreign currency over 3cm each direction printed only in one color and one side. Votive paper printing activities shall comply with the regulations on advertising and related regulations.

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The licensing activity is regulated as: Printing agencies who take part in printing newspapers, magazines and anti- counterfeit stamps, shall apply for granting printing licenses in accordance with regulations in Law on Publication, Decree No. 105/2007/ND-CP, Aritcle 11 of this Circular and related regulations. Application dossiers shall comply with Clause 2, Article 31, Law on Publication on printing publication products and Article 6 of Decree No. 105/2007/ND-CP on printing newspapers, magazines and anti- counterfeit stamps. Submitting dossiers is specified as follows:

  a)      Central agencies or organizations shall prepare and submit a dossier to the Publication Department;

  b)      Local agencies or organizations shall prepare and submit a dossier to Provincial Information and Communications Departments

This Circular’s scope and applicable subjects are organizations and operation of agencies, organizations and individuals who are established and have been operating under the provisions of law. The circular amends and supplements Circular No. 04/ 2008/TT- BTTTT dated 9th July, 2008 of Ministry of Information and Communications on Guiding the implementation of a number of contents of the government"s Decree No. 105/2007/ND-CP of June 21, 2007, on printing of non-publication products and Article 8 of Circular No. 02/2010/TT- BTTTT dated 11, January 2010 on conditions on equipment for liciensing of publication printing.

This Circular includes 13 Articles and 11 attached forms consisting of regulations for printing establishments, type of printing establishment, printing operation conditions, granting printing license, printing receiving conditions of printing establishments, responsibilities of printing establishments; Amendement and supplementation of Circular No. 04/2008/TT-BTTTT such as: Clause 2 of Section I on votive printing; Point 1.2, Clause 1, Section II on imported color copiers; Point 2.1 paragraph 2 of Section II on registration of printing equipment; and amendment and supplement of Article 8 of Circular 02/2010/TT-BTTTT regulating on the conditions equipment for granting the printing license, etc.

This Circular shall take effect from November 20, 2010.