Department of Inspectorate

The Department of Inspectorate is a ministerial unit which performs the advisory and regulatory functions over the inspection and complaint and denunciation settlement and prevention and anti- corruption; carrying out administrative inspection to agencies, organizations and individuals under the management of the Ministry of Information and Communications; conducting sectoral specialized inspection in the agencies, organizations and individuals operating in the field of information and communications; complaint and denunciation settlement and prevention and anti-corruption according to the provisions of law.

Department of Inspectorate has its tasks and powers according to Decision 1765/QD-BTTTT dated 25 November 2014 of the Minister of Information and Communications prescribing the functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of the Department of Inspectorate.

Address: 18 Nguyen Du St., Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: 84.24.35563851 - 84.24.35563852
Fax: 84.4.35563855
Director General:
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chung
Deputy Director General:
Mr. Do Huu Tri 
Tel: 84 24 35563854
Mr. Do Dinh Ro
 Mrs. Trinh Thi Thu Hang