VNNIC launches training programs for LANIC

10/30/2018 2:27:00 PM

Launching the cooperation program between the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam (MIC) and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of  Laos, Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) co-operated with Laos Internet Network Information (LANIC) to organize 02 training courses.



The course "Domain name management (ccTLD)", held in Laos from September 10 to 14, and the course "Advanced IPv6 deployment", held in Vietnam from October 29 to November 01.
Attending the training courses were 29 trainees from LANIC, Department of Information Technology, domain registrars ".LA" in Laos, and website providing service companies. The target set by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Laos in the coming period is to promote the use of ".LA" domain names in Laos, expand the market and develop local domain registrars. For that purpose, the content of the training course focuses on:
- Introduce and guide the overall requirements of the management of high-level domain names;
- Share policies on the management, promotion and sustainable development of Vietnam's national domain name ".vn"; policy recommendations applicable to Laos' domain names (ccTLD);
- Share experiences in building and operating the country code top-level domain management system (ccLTD);
- Exchange of experiences and recommendations on policies and techniques in line with the current status of Laos.
The training course on "Advanced IPv6 deployment" has the objective of helping LANIC staffs understand the core issues of promoting and converting IPv6; provide knowledge on addressing and implementing IPv6 conversion technology.