The number of ASCII .VN registered domains has surpassed a half million milestone

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 Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) has announced that ASCII .VN extension has just reached over 500,000 registrations since late March, 2020. The use of .VN domain name has been a positive contribution to Viet Nam’s economic growth, expanded from information availability and access to an integral part of digital business models, which is a prominent trend while Viet Nam’s enforcing social distancing measure due to the spread of COVID-19. 

 The largest ccTLD by number in ASEAN

According to VNNIC’s Report on Internet resources in 2019, .VN domains, accounting for 49% of the total domain market share in Viet Nam, have experienced growth of almost 10% with more than 125,000 new registrations in 2019. Since 2011, “.VN” domain has ranked the first place in term of the number of ccTLD registered in ASEAN. The growth of .VN domain is primarily attributable to VNNIC’s efforts, in collaboration with .VN Registrars, continuously improving their quality of services and innovating their practices in operation, compliance and marketing over last 20 years since VNNIC was established to take the function of managing Internet resources in Viet Nam.

The statistics of .VN domain growth in 2019
During COVID-19 pandemic that drives digital business trend in Viet Nam, the level of loyalty for .VN domain was presented by the continuous growth. The first three months of 2020 saw a steady increase by more than 35,300 new registrations. The transfer market is heating up with the number of domains transferred in March 2020 grown by twice times as the number in the same field in January and February 2020.
Shaping a professional business model and supporting customers in challenging period in Viet Nam
With the boom in the digital startup ecosystem, a brand-matching domain is the first platform for companies to create a professional presence on Internet and help them flourish as a recognizable brand. Enjoying at national level with its advantages of SEO, security and legal protection, .VN domain attracts individuals and companies to develop their Internet identity in the target market – Viet Nam. The 500,000 mark of .VN domain was reached on late March, 2020 with the domain by a small business owner that wishes to transform their traditional business.
Besides, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in only few months, social distancing measures and the extraordinary migration to “life, shop and work online” have driven the need of trustful information sources and safety online services in Viet Nam. Websites and e-services over .VN domains, which are identifiable and classified for certain registrants, are considered as a better choice than social networks regarding online payment methods and home delivery services.
All .VN registrations relating Covid-19 were verified by VNNIC to help prevent the spread of fake news or the misuse for wrong purposes. According to VNNIC’s statistics, queries of websites over .VN domains relating to COVID-19 and online shopping increased by about 8.68% since late March 2020. Some health declaration websites, such as,;,, are all government’s official information sources for users to declare personal risk factors, health tracking, and  update official news on the epidemic.
Queriess of websites over .VN domains relating to COVID-19 from January to March of the year 2020
The important milestone find .VN domain undergoing a process of improving the better quality of services towards transparent information sources and safety platforms for businesses in digital ecosystem. As a positive contribution to Viet Nam’s socio-economic development, .VN domain is expected to reach another significant mark soon, becoming a stronger preference for local market and even a world class ccTLD.