News app connects users with 40 media outlets

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 Exploiting Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, media corporation Yeah1 and the Ministry of Information and Communications’ Authority of Press have jointly launched the Appnews Vietnam application for local media outlets.


Nguyen Anh Nhuong Tong, chairman of Yeah1, told an introduction event for the app on October 8 that local news agencies will join the AppNews platform, which deploys Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer up-to-date coverage of the latest news, without needing to create their own readership base.

The news aggregator will earn advertising revenue from content offered by local press agencies, at a rate of 55%. Over the next two years, it will charge readers VND3,000 per day.
Many rejected the idea to charge readers as many social network platforms with free content are achieving tremendous growth. However, Tong said that it was perfectly acceptable to collect fees from readers when local press agencies will form an alliance by joining the AppNews platform.
Readers can approach a wide selection of newspapers by simply downloading the app. The AI-powered news app connects users with up to 40 press outlets.
Meanwhile, news outlets can enhance reader traffic to their websites when they jointly share audiences on the platform.
Addressing the event, Luu Dinh Phuc, head of the Authority of Press, said that mainstream media was in a fierce fight with non-mainstream media. Accordingly, mainstream media outlets must leverage technology innovations to offer more trusted, high-quality and diverse news to readers in the digital era, he added.
Media databases and reader interactions serve as great sources for news organizations to evaluate readers’ habits. Some tech firms had earlier launched news apps that had brought them significant profit.
The Baomoi news app recorded roughly VND600 billion in revenue with over 10 million users, while another app, called VN Ngay Nay, saw a lower turnover of VND120 billion with 20 million users.