International economic integration to be a lever to perfect the management mechanism

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Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Phan Tam said the liberalizing agreements Vietnam signed, opening  new opportunities for the country, in including enterprises in the sector of Information and Communication.


On August, 24th, in Hanoi, the MIC opened a training course "International Economic Integration: Vietnam's commitments in the field of Information and Communications and signed agreements." Deputy Minister Phan Tam attended and addressed the opening speech.

In the process of international integration, Government and the Information and Communications sector have committed in many bilateral and multilateral agreements, in which includes 2 important free trade agreements: Agreement on the trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Agreement on bilateral free trade between Vietnam - European Union (Vietnam - EU).
The free trade agreements, that Vietnam has participated in, have strategic significance to the economic development of the country, open a new page in relations and extensive cooperation with other countries.
Deputy Minister Phan Tam said the international economic integration through the participation in numerous free trade areas was "a lever to perfect the national management mechanism, policies". Since Vietnam joined the WTO, through the implementation of the commitments of international economic integration, Vietnam’s legal system, mechanism and policies have been amended and supplemented towards transparent and effectiveness. Many important laws such as Law on Enterprises, Law on Investment ... and specialised laws such as Law on Telecommunications and Law on Radio Frequency have been built and completed in accordance with international commitments. Operators in the field of information and communication also have made significant progresses not only in domestic market but also in regional and international markets.
Deputy Minister stressed, the sector of Information and Communication always strived to accompany with the national integration and take advantage of the opportunities to develop and confirm the position of the sector in the national economy, security and defense.