Enhance cooperation between ICT research centers in ASEAN

(Mic.gov.vn) - On October, 30th, 2015, in Hanoi, Ministry of Information and Communications held 2nd ASEAN ICT CoE (Centre of Excellence) Workshop with the theme "Consolidating and strengthening connection and cooperation among ICT CoEs in ASEAN countries". Attending the workshop were representatives from 6 ASEAN countries: Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, experts from Japan, South Korea and representatives of the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam.

The workshop is part of a collaborative project within the framework of ASEAN, to strengthen the connections between key CoEs of the ASEAN countries, and review, evaluate the results of ICT CoEs cooperation stated at the 1st Workshop held on February, 20th, 2014 in Hanoi. 

According to a survey carried by  National Institute of Information and Communication Strategy , 9/10 ASEAN countries have established CoEs, in which Singapore and Indonesia: 7 CoEs, Vietnam and Cambodia: 5, Myanmar and Thailand: 4, Brunei, Laos and Malaysia: 3. The CoEs focus on training, research and development in areas such as cloud computing, ICT applications, networks, multimedia, etc.
About the strengths of ASEAN CoEs, National Institute assessed: ASEAN was a huge market with over 600 million inhabitants with high Internet penetration. ICT CoEs were considered to be the engine behind the growth of ICT. Besides the strengths and tremendous opportunities, challenges also had to be paid attention, namely: lack of specific definitions of ICT CoEs, lack of effective coordination mechanisms, lack of information-sharing mechanisms between ASEAN CoEs, etc.
At the workshop, representatives from 6 ASEAN countries presented reports on the activities of their country"s CoEs. The delegates also discussed action plans to strengthen the connection between the ASEAN ICT CoEs in the future in the context of the ASEAN Community be formally established in late 2015.