“Vietnam is having favourable conditions to deploy 4G”

(Mic.gov.vn) - Information and Communications Deputy Minister Le Nam Thang confirmed at 4G LTE International Conference  in Ha Noi on March, 26th   , 2015. 

MIC had researched, prepared implementing plans, since 4G’s very early day. However, the biggest lesson we had after 3G deployment was to choose the right time, he shared. In fact, although the 3G technology first appeared in the 2000s, but 9 years later, Vietnam just granted 3G licenses to mobile enterprise. It was the right time for 3G licensing, when the devices had developed very strong with cheap prices. As soon as 3G services was brought to the population, the number of users was increasing very fast to meet the requirements of the society, the Deputy Minister analyzed.

From the lessons of 3G, MIC had studied the roadmap, policy development for 4G, as an indispensable step. This roadmap should be based on the principle of the decision of the Prime Minister on Planning the telecommunications market, in which the "Vietnam is a developing country, and can not produce the source technology. The number of users of that technology in the world was relatively large, so the ability for successfully applied to Vietnam was high, too. CDMA technology was an example: good technology but limited users, so the implementation was not very successful", Deputy Minister frankly said.

According to the approved schedule, in the year 2014, MIC had tested the 4G LTE technology in a number of  bands such as 2600 MHz. On March, 1st, 2015, Minister of Information and Communications issued the Circular allowing the deployment of 4G LTE in the 1800 MHz band which operators are currently used for 2G. Initially, in 2015, the operators will conduct the pilot in 1800 MHz band and by the early of 2016, the administration authority will grant 4G formal licenses under the tender form.

The reasons for choosing this moment to accelerate 4G, Deputy Minister Le Nam Thang said, 4G LTE was growing very fast in the world, with nearly 500 million subscribers with more than 2400 types of terminals. "It is an important prerequisite for Vietnam 4G". Secondly, 3G technology was rather popular in Vietnam, but still existed limitations in terms of quality and speed. If Vietnam wanted to develop e-commerce, e-government, 4G’s speed and security were a must.

However, the exchange of opinions at the International Conference 4G LTE agreed that, although Vietnam was extremely convenient to deploy 4G, there were factors that should be kept in mind, studied carefully to ensure its success.