Việt Nam tops Southeast Asia in Internet connection speed

( - Việt Nam has the highest Internet connection speed among Southeast Asian countries, according to the US Internet survey firm Pando Networks.

The survey of 27 million downloads from 224 countries showed that the average Internet connection is 374KBps in Việt Nam, 112 KBps in Laos, 268 KBps in Thailand, 167 KBps in Cambodia, 213 KBps in the Philippines, 129 KBps in Indonesia and 335 KBps in Singapore.n Asia, Việt Nam ranks 3rd in Internet connectionspeed after the Republic of Korea (2,202 KBps) and Japan (1,364 KBps).

In the world, the Republic of Korea has the highest average Internet connection speed of 2.202KBps, followed by Romania with 1,909KBps, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia.

The US ranks 26th in the world with the speed of 616KBps, and China, the 82nd with 245KBps. India and Australia have the respective speed of 184 KBps and 348 KBps.