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Thứ ba, ngày 28/11/2023


Vietnam to participate in multi-national cyber security drills

17/10/2023 07:31 SA Xem cỡ chữ
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 Vietnam is set to join 15 other countries in performing maneuvers for cyber security incidence responses at the 2023 ASEAN Computer Emergency Response Team (CERTS) Incident Drills (ACID) on October 18-19.


The online programme is to promote opportunities for cooperation and practice among the computer emergency response teams (CERT) responsible for handling and solving their countries’ various cyber security issues.

This year the programme will primarily focus on the latest cyber security trends, along with seeking to detect cyber attackers and find solutions to the incidents. The organisers will prepare several rehearsal scripts specifically for participants to practice building and implementing plans aimed at handling cyber security incidents.

The Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT) will represent the country to partake in the drills. Participants will investigate case-related information and data, analyse and identify attacks, make recommendations and warnings, minimize impacts and stop incidents from spreading, and restore post-attack operations.

Professional drills are set to enable ASEAN member states to prevent and protect themselves from the threat of cyber-attacks.

Hosted by Singapore since 2006, ACID is an annual exercise that aims to strengthen the cybersecurity preparedness and collaboration between CERTs in ASEAN member states, as well as five other dialogue countries, namely Australia, India, China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea.

This year marks the 18th edition of the event, and Vietnam has fully joined the drills for 18 years.

VNCERT is a member of the Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (APCERT). It comprises 124 units employing 500 technicians. The centre has detected millions of IP addresses which were infected and controlled by host computers outside of Vietnam.


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