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Vietnam introduces code of conduct on social networks

21/06/2021 10:28 SA Xem cỡ chữ
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 The Ministry of Information and Communications on June 17 introduced a code of conduct on social networks to create a safe and healthy online environment.


The code of conduct, which targets organizations and individuals using social networks and social network service providers in Vietnam, is designed to ensure civil liberty, freedom to run business, and no discrimination between domestic and foreign service providers, in line with international standards, international practice and treaties to which Vietnam is a signatory.

It looks to develop ethical standards for behaviours on social networks, educate and develop good habits for social network users, contributing to building a healthy and safe online environment.

It encourages organisations and individuals to share information from official and reliable sources, and behave in ways that match traditional moral and cultural values of Vietnam.

The document also requires organisations and individuals not to use words that incite hatred or trigger violence and gender and religious discrimination, not to publish contents violating legal regulations and information defaming others, not to spread fake news and untrue information, and not to conduct illegal advertising, affecting social order and safety.

Organisations and individuals should use real name when registering for the use of social networks, and register with the service provider to certify their names, website addresses and contact.

The code of conduct encourages social network users to optimise the networks to promote Vietnamese land, people and culture, and educate and protect children and teenagers in the online world.

Organisations and individuals using social networks, and service providers are encouraged to fully observe the code of conduct and popularize it to other users.

The document came into force as from June 17.

Legal violations on social networks punished in line with law: Official

The code of conduct on social networks only offers recommendations, and individuals and organisations committing violations will be punished in line with the law, said Do Quy Vu, Deputy Director of the  National Institute of Information and Communications Strategy under the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC).

In an interview granted to the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) on June 18 after the code of conduct was issued by the MIC a day earlier, Vu said basically, punishments for illegal violations on social networks have been prescribed in Vietnam’s laws.

The code of conduct gathers rules on behaviours, moral and cultural standards on social networks which are recommended for individuals, organisations and social network service providers.

It targets three major groups, including individuals and organisations joining social networks; officials, cadres and employees in State agencies; and social network service providers.

It aims to create a healthy social network environment in Vietnam, ensure the right to personal and business freedom, and prevent discrimination between domestic and foreign service suppliers in accordance with international standards, practices and conventions to which Vietnam has joined.

At the same time, it is expected to build moral standards for behaviours on social networks, educate social network users about positive habits, helping to create a safe and healthy environment in the country./.


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