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Thứ ba, ngày 03/10/2023


Nearly 2 million mobile subscribers successfully switch between carriers

28/12/2020 10:07 SA Xem cỡ chữ
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 Vietnam Telecommunications Authority (under the Ministry of Information and Communications) and domestic telecoms businesses have just held a summary meeting for the scheme ‘Mobile Number Portability – MNP’.


 Among around 130.7 million mobile subscribers currently, 2 percent of them have signed up for MNP, and 1.4 percent have performed this process successfully (accounting for 92.9 percent of the registered users).

MNP allows a mobile subscriber of a certain network provider to keep his or her phone number while switching to another carrier. In Vietnam, in the middle of November 2018, MNP was launched among domestic telecoms carriers under the supervisor of Vietnam Telecommunications Authority (VNTA).
VNTA announced that it is going to work with all carriers in Vietnam to simplify necessary MNP registration procedures and to offer it online. This process is supposed to be done within 24 hours after successful signing up. VNTA is also trying to increase the success rate of MNP.
MNP is introduced in order to promote telecoms enterprises to upgrade themselves so that they can retain their own customers and attract new ones via rating decrease, service improvement, and service diversification, making them more competitive. 


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