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Spam calls remain rampant

23/12/2019 09:12 SA Xem cỡ chữ
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 Local mobile carriers are not yet able to block spam calls due to the absence of clear regulations and a detailed definition of “spam calls.”


 Many mobile users have complained about receiving spam calls advertising real estate products and insurance packages, while mobile network providers have yet to resolve the issue, saying that the absence of regulations and clear definitions prevents them from blocking these calls.

VinaPhone told the Saigon Times that spam calls advertise products or attempt fraud, whereas MobiFone defined spam text messages and calls as unwanted communications. Given the disparity in definitions, mobile carriers have no legal basis for cracking down on these calls and messages.
Instead, they have advised customers to use smartphone apps to block the phone numbers that regularly disturb them.
To prevent spam calls, it is necessary to impose regulations on the firms and individuals making these calls.
The Ministry of Information and Communications is creating a draft decree on anti-spam initiatives and advertising through calls and emails.
Besides this, the draft decree mentions the launch of a system to receive complaints of spam messages, emails and calls. The system, which will be built and operated by the ministry, is aimed at monitoring phone numbers that do not wish to accept advertising calls and messages.
The draft decree is also set to regulate organizations, firms and individuals, who are not permitted to send advertising messages and calls to phone numbers that register to participate in the system. 


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