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Vietnamese-made smartphone market sees progress

11/01/2019 09:11 SA Xem cỡ chữ
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 2018 was an eventful year for Vietnam’s mobile phone manufacturing industry. One new brand presented itself before the public in an impressive way. Another repositioned its products to become more favored, and the other reached out to the world market.


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Mobile phones with Vietnamese brands have been available in the domestic market for many years. However, the products were actually made in China and imported to sell in Vietnam under Vietnamese brand names.

BKAV repositions its products

The first smartphone model of BKAV Corporation, BPhone, was launched in 2015, but could not attract the public’s attention. The product had a retail price of over VND10 million, joining the high-end market segment and competing directly with iPhone.

The same occurred with BPhone 2, the second generation of BPhone. It had a high selling price and was less competitive than iPhone.
But unlike its predecessor, BPhone 3 has been welcomed by domestic consumers. 

With infinity screen, bokeh camera to blur background, water resistance and reasonable price, BPhone 3 is really impressive.

The key to the success lies in the reasonable pricing strategy. With an impressive design, the retail price of VND7 million is considered reasonable.

Vsmart investment strategy

Analysts all say that Vingroup developed Vsmart phones at lightening speed. It took the manufacturer six months to make four models at its factory in Vietnam.

The process began in July 2018 when BQ, a Spanish startup, cooperated with Vingroup to develop smartphones. In December 2018, local newspapers reported that Vingroup has acquired 51 percent of BQ shares, and in mid-December, the first four models were introduced.

The first two models which were launched received good feedback from customers.

The VOS operating system of Vsmart phones is developed on the original Android platform, so, no rubbish apps are installed. The biggest advantage of Vsmart is the large distribution network which includes large smartphone retail chains and e-commerce websites.

Mobiistar sells products to India

Mobiistar is the first Vietnamese brand to sells its products abroad. Smartphones with Mobiistar brand became available in India in May 2018.

Targeting the low-cost market segment, Mobiistar has launched eight models in the Indian market. The distribution is via hundreds of shops across the country. 

Declining to reveal sales in India, the founder of Mobiistar told the press that the products are highly appreciated by local media and welcomed by Indian partners.

In Vietnam, Mobiistar also focuses on low-cost products.


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