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City pledges to assist ICT enterprises

19/09/2018 09:32 SA Xem cỡ chữ
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HCM City authorities on Tuesday pledged to continue to provide assistance to information technology, electronics and telecommunication (ICT) companies at a meeting held in the city.


HCM City authorities on Tuesday pledged to continue to provide assistance to information technology, electronics and telecommunication (ICT) companies

at a meeting held in the city. — Photo

More than 120 representatives from enterprises and associations attending the event heard about the most recent ICT guidelines and assistance from State agencies.
Speaking at the meeting between the city government and businesses, Trần Vĩnh Tuyến, vice chairman of HCM City People’s Committee, said: “The city is committed to having no monopoly in the ICT sector. Implementation of any ICT project must be based on bidding.”
“HCM City will try its best to offer specific assistance to enterprises. In return, enterprises must show specific ICT products, contributing to the city’s socio-economic development,” Tuyến told the media.
The city plans to continue e-Government and improve the effectiveness of state agencies’operation, while also continuing to issue policies and incentives to develop ICT infrastructure.
“HCM City will build national databases, including a database on population, land finance, insurance, business registration, and a database on the city’s development in the short and long term,” Tuyến noted.
In addition, Tuyến urged enterprises to improve training of ICT human resources from now to 2020.
“Human resources are a very important factor in promoting the development of science and technology, especially in the field of ICT,” he said. “By 2020, HCM City will gather all resources to support, train and develop human resources majoring in ICT and information security.”
In addition, the city plans to continue to issue policies and incentives to support start-ups, and completing a legal framework for start-ups, especially those in ICT. 
The city will also work on solutions to support start-ups through mass media to improve enterprises’ images and brands, creating favourable conditions for investments from domestic and international institutions.
To promote the entrepreneurial spirit, instead of general slogans, the city will ask enterprises to put forward concrete measures. 
In addition, the city is focusing on building a smart city which will apply hi-tech to develop creativity and innovation, according to Tuyến.
Trần Anh Tuấn, vice chairman of HCM City Computers Association, said the city has been at the forefront of economic transition, producing a large number of hi-tech products. 
ICT has in recent years been one of four key industries in the priority service sectors, with a growth rate of 16.5 per cent. 
The city’s volume of ICT products accounts for 72 per cent compared to the entire country, he said.
“Authorities would like to connect ICT enterprises by offering more incentives to encourage linkages,” he said. “To participate in the global supply chain, Vietnamese ICT enterprises must first meet safety demands and technical requirements, and limit hazardous content in their products.”
“Quality, environment and energy efficiency are the general requirements. Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development are appreciated,” he added.
Agencies can assist enterprises by providing consultancy, training, information and databases, and connect them with international markets, she said. 
In recent years the ICT industry has grown rapidly and has become one of the most important sectors of Việt Nam’s economy. The industry plays an important role in creating jobs, income and human resources for Việt Nam. 
Large investments from multinational corporations, especially in the field of manufacturing electronic components, have helped spark growth in the industry.
The meeting, organised by the city People’s Committee, the Investment and Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) of HCM City and the Department of Information and Communication, was held to resolve difficulties facing ICT businesses and help them follow State policies. 
The organiser received questions in advance from businesses, most of which were related to issues such as tax incentives and customs procedures.
Since 2012, ITPC has regularly worked with other agencies, including the Department of Information and Communication, to organise dialogues to help enterprises.



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