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Thứ sáu, ngày 31/03/2023


Open a training course for Lao journalists

01/08/2017 11:48 SA Xem cỡ chữ
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In July 31, the Ministry of Information and Communications of S.R.Vietnam  cooperated with  Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of Lao PDR to open the training course "Advanced photojournalism skills" for journalists from the central and local press agencies of Laos.


Deputy Minister of Information and Communications of Vietnam Hoang Vinh Bao and Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism of Lao Savankhone Razmountry attended and delivered speech at the opening ceremony.
This is an advanced course, followed by a basic course that was held in November 2016. From basic concepts such as angle, lighting, Lao journalists learned in previous courses, this time, skilled professionals provide advanced knowledge to be able to master better and  valuable photos both in terms of content and value to convey the maximum amount of information that should be made available to the public in each press photo.
 The course is available for 5 days from July 31 to August 4.


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