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Vietnam Airlines applies new customization of online check in

14/07/2016 10:15 SA Xem cỡ chữ
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National flag carrier Vietnam Airlines announced on July 12 that it has customized its online check in service, as part of plans to improve service quality and meet the demands of travellers.


The airline now provides passengers with a customized online check-in which helps to save precious time by eliminating a number of steps in the check-in process.

Twenty-four hours prior to the passengers’ estimated time of departure, Vietnam Airlines will send them a link for online check - in, which has been customized for their use only. Passengers do not have to type anything, simply click ‘finish’ to confirm their flight. After this customization has been added, online check- in is more convenient than ever before.
Passengers will have the chance to experience the customized online check-in, if they provide Vietnam Airlines with their email when they make a reservation to buy the ticket.
All of the information about online check-in is available at or the passengers can contact Vietnam Airlines branches or official agents.


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