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Thứ tư, ngày 31/05/2023


Hanoi authority wants spammer blocked

31/05/2016 08:15 SA Xem cỡ chữ
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The Ha Noi Department of Information and Communications will issue regulations monthly to call on telecoms network providers to temporarily stop providing services with telephone number prefixes and mobile phone numbers that send spam messages.

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According to Director of the Department Phan Lan Tu, the regulation aims to tackle spam and swindling messages from pre-paid subscribers who register with false information.
Nguyen Tien Sy, Head of Telecom Devision of the Department said the new regulations are welcomed by telecoms network providers.
He said that network providers have developed a system which can prevent spam messages through the source of the messages and key words. Network providers also introduced hotline numbers to receive information on spam.
The Ha Noi Department of Information and Communications is responsible for handling spam messages. While telecom network providers and inspectors are responsible for punishing violators.
The regulations also stipulate that after 10 days since the date of receiving written request from the Ha Noi Department of Information and Communications, telecom network providers have to inform mobile phone subscribers who are sending spam and cut off their service. Network providers are asked to report to the department.
According to regulations, suspended mobile phone subscribers who want to re-active their numbers have to pay a fine and make a written commitment not to offend again.


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