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Analogue TV transmission signals to end in 4 cities

11/04/2016 09:07 SA Xem cỡ chữ
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 The Steering Committee for Digitising Television Plans will stop transmitting to all analogue televisions (TVs) in Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Can Tho, and HCM City starting on August 15.


Before that, Ha Noi will stop transmitting on three analogue channels: VTV6, H2 and VTC9 starting on June 15.

HCM City will also stop transmitting on analogue TV channnels VTV6, VTV9, VTC9 and HTV7. And Can Tho will stop analogue transmissions on VTV6, VTV Can Tho 1, VTV Can Tho 2 and VTC9.
People using cable and satellite televisions in the four major cities and 19 neighboring provinces will not be affected. Others will have to buy digital TV receivers and integrated digital TVs to watch television programmes.
Poor and near-poor households and families will be provided with set-top boxes, funded by the Viet Nam Public Utility Telecommunication Service Fund, during the TV digitalisation process.
The Vietnamese Government plans to convert broadcasts from analogue to digital nationwide by the year 2020, for higher broadcasting quality. 


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