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Vietnam Digital Government 2016

01/04/2016 12:31 CH Xem cỡ chữ
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The Hanoi Department of Information and Communications and International Data Group (IDG Vietnam) on March 30th co-organized Vietnam Digital Government 2016 with the theme “Digital Government: modern infrastructure, smart public services, greaThe Hanoi Department of Information and Communications and International Data Group (IDG Vietnam) on March 30th co-organized Vietnam Digital Government 2016 with the theme “Digital Government: modern infrastructure, smart public services, greater transparency and citizen engagement”.

Since 2003, Vietnam Digital Government (previously known as Vietnam eGovernment Symposium), has been recognized as the biggest and most prestigious national forum in Vietnam. It is the platform for the digital government reform projects implemented by the public and private sectors as well as discussions about practical solutions in an effort to develop the digital government effectively and holistically.

Utilizing information technology applications in the government operation is a pivotal mission for the progression of digital government in this global integration. However, the timeline of applying information technologies (IT) in the government development of Vietnam is facing several difficulties along with challenges including the limitation of IT infrastructure systems affecting the applications of IT, the uncompleted public services failing to meet the users’- demands.

According to the report of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the ICT Development Index (IDI) of Vietnam stood at the 102nd among 167 countries slipped down eight places compared to 2014.
Having recognized the significance of IT applications in the development of digital government, on October 14th, 2015, for the first time, the Prime Minister has legitimized the Resolution 36a/NQ-CP on digital government to strengthen the quality and effectiveness of the State agencies, then provides better services for its citizens and entrepreneurs as well as enhance the competitiveness in economic integration.
Besides, information security is also vital in the process of IT application in the insecure environment nowadays while cyber attack occurs more frequently with more severe consequences.
Accordingly, as stated in the National Program for IT applications in the operation of state agencies, information security is considered to be one of the five major pillars for the IT development so it will be considered at all angles in order to build a more effective digital government.

The average investment in transport infrastructure in Vietnam from 1995 to the present is about 4-5% of the total GDP, while many countries are merely 2-3%. The Ministry of Transport has officially launched the "Intelligent Transport Solutions based on the digital map" in the hope of solving complex transport issues at present. Along with the activities of transportation, the healthcare field also has conducted remarkable activities, especially the IT applications and development strategy from 2016 to 2020 approved by the Ministry of Health including 33 projects accounted for VND1,800 billion.

Moreover, in the early of February, online public services level 4 will be officially deployed at all medical facilities. These activities are the proofs of efforts made by Ministry of Health in applying IT advantages to improve the healthcare management as well as the service quality.

This year’s conference will continue to discuss, evaluate and examine the reality and new development steps of the digital government, as well as propose ideas to apply high technology to prepare for giant changes in the sustainable development of digital government and eventually meet the demand of people.
There are Keynote and two Sessions as following:
Keynote: Digital Government Development: Modern infrastructure, smart public services, greater transparency and citizen.
Session 1Developing information infrastructure and data security in public
Sector IT is the key for society connection at every aspect, and contributes to the restructuring of economic, as well as enhancing the quality and capacity of administrative management. In order for successful IT application in digital government, information security is essential part to take care.
Session 2Building a Smart city, developing E-health and Intelligent Transportation
Building smart cities is the worldwide trend due to the pressure of global urbanization. With the development of the internet of things, besides digital government, ICT applications in main sectors such as transport and health, are strongly boosted the development.

There, experts also had a depth discussion about IT solutions in smart city development, especially transport and health issues. Some main topics include: Opportunities and Challenges for deploying e-health in Vietnamese hospitals, IT Solutions for enhancing the quality of healthcare services, Current status of implementing and developing Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) in Hanoi, Building technology infrastructure for smart city: solutions & approaching methods.

Along with the Conference, the Expo in 2016 will showcase and introduce modern technology solutions, optimization such as: communications infrastructure, database center, big data, cloud computing, connectivity center, solution management & data sharing, information security, etc… In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to interact directly with leading solution providers to address issues of concern today./.


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