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Resolution on e-Government issued

16/10/2015 09:01 SA Xem cỡ chữ
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The Government has issued a Resolution on e-Government with the aim of accelerating the e-Government development, improving the quality and effectiveness of State agencies and providing better services for people and businesses as well as increasing the status of Viet Nam’s e-Government on the United Nations’ rankings.

 From 2015-2017, administrative reform will be boosted in accordance with enhancing information technology application in monitoring and supplying online public services to shorten time and expenditures in administrative procedures.

By 2016, 100% of the public services will go online at ministries and agencies, which allows users to fill and send online documents to these agencies and organizations.
Ministries, agencies and localities synchronously and effectively launch resolutions and directives on enhancing information technology application in State management, especially in terms of dealing with administrative reform and providing online public services.
Staff and officials in charge of information technology at State agencies at all levels will be trained to meet demand for information technology and information technology services.
Ministries, agencies and localities focus on accelerating administrative reform and eliminating unnecessary administrative procedures to reduce time and expenditures for businesses and people.
The Government Office hosts and cooperates with ministries, agencies and localities to connect management software and establish a National Public Service Portal to integrate all online public services of ministries, agencies and localities.


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