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Administrative violations in the field of radio frequency can be punished up to VND 100 million

14/07/2011 13:05 CH Xem cỡ chữ
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The Government has issued the Decree 51/2011/ NĐ- CP dated June 27, 2011 on sanctions against administrative violations in the field of radio frequency. The Decree regulates the form and the level of sanctions for administrative violations in the radio frequency field.

Accordingly, following are some violations and their associated fines:

   - Violation of regulations on license and using radio frequency: VND 200,000- VND 100 million;

   - Violation of regulations on quality of radio emission, radiation safety and electromagnetic compatibility: VND 200,000- VND 30 million;

   - Violation of regulations on handling harmful jam: VND 500,000- VND 100 million;

   - Violation of regulations on registration and international cooperation on radio frequency and satellite orbit: VND 30 million- VND 70 million.

In addition, the Decree also regulates the level of sanctions from VND 1 million- VND 20 million for violation of regulations on report, inacceptance to check and control of competent State agencies; additional sanctions and methods for each penalty.

The Decree takes into effect from September 1, 2011 and repeals Item 3, Chapter II of the Decree No.142/2004/NĐ-CP dated July 8, 2004 by the Government regulating sanctions against administrative violations in posts, telecommunications and radio frequency.

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