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Regulations of festival of photos- reportage- documentary film on the countries and people in ASEAN community 2010

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( - 
Festival of Photos  – Reportage – Documentary Film  on the countries and people in ASEAN Community 2010


Festival of Photos  – Reportage – Documentary Film 

on the countries and people in ASEAN Community 2010

(Issued under the Decision No.651/QD-BTTTT on May 10th, 2010

signed by the Minister of Information and Communications of Viet Nam)


Section 1. General Provisions

1.     Organizations and individuals participating the Festival on the voluntary and self-concious basis to the Regulations.

2.     All the Festival information is publicly announced on the website of  Ministry of Information and communications (MIC); the ASEAN Secretariat; Vietnamese Embassies to member states of ASEAN; public means of communications of Viet Nam and other ASEAN members.

This Regulations stipulates all organizing activities of Festival of  Photos  – Reportage – Documentary Film  on the countries and people in ASEAN Community 2010

Section 2. Target

1. To promote the images of countries, people and the development process of ASEAN countries.

2. To strengthen the solidarity and mutual understanding among ASEAN countries.

3. To foster coporation among ASEAN countries in process of building ASEAN Community.

4. To celebrate Vietnam in the role of the ASEAN Chairman and 15th anniversary of Vietnamese participation in ASEAN

Section 3. Theme of Festival

“ASEAN Countries and People”

Section 4. Criterria for entries

- To introduce an dynamic, potential for development of ASEAN.

- To introduce significant achievements, beautiful landscapes and the unique cultural traits as well as good characteristics of ASEAN people.

- To disseminate the good examples of solidarity and coporation process among ASEAN countries.

Section 5. Categories, Participants and Scope.

1.     Venue: Vietnam.

2.     Categories: Photos, Photo Group; Reportage; Documentary Film.

3.     Participants: Organization, group of authors or individuals who own  ASEAN-country citizenship.

4.     Topic scope: the entries that reflect ASEAN countries and people and process of solidarity, cooperation and development in ASEAN Community.

5.     Members of Festival Steering Committee, Festival Organizing Committee, Festival Examiner Board and the Secrectariat are not allowed to participate in the contest.

Section 6.  Entry Requirements

1.     General requirements

a)     Submit clear and adequate information of the entries (producing time, place, copyright,...).

b)    Submit full information about organizations, individuals, group of authors to Festival Organizing Committee. Each Entry includes a completed Entry Form below:

Festival of  Photos  – Reportage – Documentary Film

on the countries and people in ASEAN Community 2010


Full Name (org., individual, group, representative of group) .............................................Gender:.............Nationality:...................................

Address: Home No..................Street:..................................................................

District.................................Province (City).........................Country.................

Phone:........................ Fax:............................Email:........................................

Contest Entry Name:..............................................................................................

Taken time and place:.........................................................

Total number of Photos/Photo groups (photo files)/ Reportage /Documentary Films:.....................................................

Materials:     - Photos/Photo groups:          Color                  Black-white

-   Reportage                           Documentary

    +) Tape, disc:       Betacam SP              DVD          

    +) Resolution:               SDTV         HDTV

    +) Frame:                          4/3                 16/9

(All the information should be filled completely and attached to the entry)

+ Potraits or photos taken by an author or group of authors.

+ Special photos of individual, background of reportage, documentary film (if any)

+ Sum up entry content (in English or translated into English in case of local languages) (from 15 to 20 lines)

+ The biblography of the author or group of authors.

c)     Contest entries must be introduced by the Sub-committee on Culture  (SCC) or Sub-committee on Information (SCI) from the member state that author owns citizenship.

2.     Particular Requirements to each category

2.1. Photos/Photo Group

- Number of entries: Each author (organization, individuals, group of authors) submits 5 entries at maximum.

- Specification:

          +Material: Color or black-white

          +Hardcopy/print: 30 x 40 (cm) or 30 x  45 (cm)

          +Softcopy (photo files): minimum technical parameter:

 width = 3000 pixel,  height =  2000 pixel

- Entry Name; quotation; notation (in English or if in any local language, it must be translated into English)

- Quotation length: 150-300 words (if any)

- Notation: concise, clear

- Time: Taken from 2005 to now.

          - The printing photos/photo groups and photo files must be in original. Any arrangement of technology, sticking, computing or darkroom effects that modify the  nature of entries are not accepted.

2.2.Reportage, and documentary Films

- Each author (organization, group or individual) sends  05 entries at maximum (Documentary film/Reports).

- Name of documentary film/Report should be in English or be translated to English.

- Length: not exceed 30 minutes per entry.

- Material: disc DVD or Betacam SP tape.

- Color system: PAL

- Resolution: SDTV, HDTV

- Frame: 4/3 or 16/9

- Language: English narration or English subtittles in case of narration in local languages (scripts of English narration or subtitles be included).

Section 7. Festival Organizing Committee

Festival Organizing Committee is presided by Ministry of Information and Communications – the Socialist Repulic of Vietnam.

Contact Information:

Center for Press and International Communication Co-operation (CPI),  Ministry of Information and Communications.

- Address: 61Bis Tho Nhuom St., Ha Noi, Viet Nam

- E-mail:

- Phone: (844) 38244630; (844) 38245621

- Fax: (844) 38250546

Section 8. Submission

1.     Entries be tightly packaged; name of authors, contact address, phone number, number of entries, names of entries and relevant materials should be noted on the front.

2.     Receiver :

          Entries be sent by post, labeled as below:

“Entries for ASEAN Festival of Photos  – Reportage – Documentary Film 2010”

To: The Center for Press and International Communication Co-operation (CPI) - Ministry of Information and Communications

- Address: 61Bis Tho Nhuom St., Ha Noi, Viet Nam

- E-mail:

- Phone: (844) 38244630; (844) 38245621             

- Fax: (844) 38250546

Section 9. Time schedule

1.     Entry submission is open from the date of press conference of Festival launching ceremony.

2.     Deadline for entry submission: September 15th, 2010 (according to the date of postal stamp).

3.     Primary screening:  from 16/9 to 28/9/2010.

4.     Final screening: from 14/10 to 19/10/2010.

5.     Awarding and closing ceremony: 20 Oct 2010.

The schedule is subject to change, if necessary, and will be promptly notified to all attendants.

Section 10. Awards

1. All authors whose entries reach the final round are invited to Festival awarding and closing ceremony and will be awarded campaign medal and certificate from Festival Organizing Committee.

2. Award structure and prize forms

a)     Award structure: 01 first prize, 02 second prizes, 03 third prizes, some consolation prizes (each category).

b)    Prize forms:

-   First Prize: Cup or campaign medal and certificate.

-   Second Prize: Certificate, campaign medal.

-    Third Prize: Certificate, campaign medal

-   Consolation prize: Certificate, campaign medal

+) The aboved prize structure is subject to change due to the result and quality of entries. The decision of Chairman of Steering Committee is the final.

+) Certificate of MIC:

The Festival Organizing Committee will submit MIC to award certificates to the winning authors.

c) There are also awarding forms for the collective and individual who have special contributions for the festival (eg. Certificate of merit)

Section 11. Examiner Board

1.     Given the request of the Organizing Committee, the Chairman of Festival Steering Committee decides to establish the Examiner Boards (included Primary Examiner Board and Final Examiner Board), the Secretariat.

2.     Examiner Board operates independently, objectively, fairly and comply with this Regulations.

          3. Primary Examiner Board helps Final Examiner Board to select the entries for final round.

All entries comply with the criteria in this regulations are submited to primary round to choose the best ones for the final round.

4. Members of Primary Examiner Board and Final Examiner Board are prestigious experts from Vietnam, ASEAN and outside ASEAN.

Section 12. Screening

1.     Primary Examination:

a)     The Organizing Committee develops regulations for Examiner Board, norms and screening rule to submit for the Chairman’s approval

b)    The Secretariat has responsibility for checking legal entries, collecting and sending to Examiner Board.

c)     Members of Primary Examiner Board are responsible for reviewing, appraising quality of entries, screening following the rules of the Organizing Committee and sending their results to the Secreteriat.

d)    The Secretariat collects entries for the final round, and report to Festival Organizing Committee,

The Organizing Committee informs Primary Examiner Board the result of primary round before submiting to Festival Steering Committee. Basing on this, the Chairman of Steering Committee decides entries to Final Examination.

2.     Final Examination:

a)     Organizing Committee develops regulations for Final Examiner Board, norms and screening rule to submit for the Chairman’s approval.

b)    After Primary Examination, The Secretariat will make a short report (content, marks) of entries for final examination.

c)     Members of Final Examiner Board are responsible for reviewing, accessing quality of entries and screening (according to regulations  of Organizing Committee) and sending screening forms to the Secretariat.

d)    The Secretariat synthetizes screening forms and reports to Organizing Committee.

Section 13. Result announcement and awarding Ceremony

1.     All entries entitled to final examination will be announced on MIC website, website for Year 2010 of ASEAN Presidency of Vietnam, publications of Vietnam News Agencies and other public means of communication.

2.     The Festival Closing and Awarding Ceremony be held on the occasion of the 17th ASEAN Summit in Ha Noi (10/2010).


Section 14. Complaints and Resolution

1.      Due to the Festival goal of promoting the images of countries and people of ASEAN and strengthening the solidarity and mutual understanding among ASEAN countries, Festival Organizing Committee doesn’t solve any complaints of contest result.

Festival Organizing Committee will only deal with the complaints related to idea property and copyright of prized entries.

2.      Any individuals who recognize that the winning entries violate, or are subject to copyright dispute, or any other serious infringement, have the right to report (in writing) to Festival Organizing Committee.

This report should be signed by complainant (with clear contact address, and a copy of complainant’s indentify card or passport) and send to Festival Organizing Committee contact address.

The submission of Complaint letter is no later than 30 days from awarding announcement and arwarding ceremony.

3.      If the prized entries are reported of violation, depending on the critical level, Festival Organizing Committee will reclaim prize, any physical benefits and inform to all member states.

Section 15. Intellectual Property Regulations

1. All Contest Entries have to comply with legal rules in intellectual property of ASEAN countries and international convention.

          2. All Entries (even non-awarded ones) should be popularized for ASEAN community interests under the spirit of sharing information and non-profit; contest entries will be announced and used in any communication activities of ASEAN.

Section 16. Financial Resources

- From national budget of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

- From sponsorship of individuals and organizations among ASEAN community and other resources (if any).

Section 17. Implementation

1.     The Regulations is valid from the annoucement date. Any changes or admendments come into effect by the written document of Festival Organizing Committee’s approval in document.

2.     All the attendants, members of Primary Examiner Board and Final examiner board and all relevant individuals are responsible to follow and comply with this Regulations./.

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